Habits of Character 4-Week Action Guide Books

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Based on the best selling book.

Creating an environment where people become the leader they wish they had is the world we want everyone to be a part of. We created a tool to help you do just that.


4-Week Action Guides

Becoming a Leader of Character is a lifelong journey—and we want to partner with you through it. The Habits of Character Action Guides provide 6 months of daily, interactive training.


Every month, you and your team focus on one specific habit of character based off of Dave Anderson’s Becoming a Leader of Character book. These habits include: Courage, Humility, Integrity, Selflessness, Duty and Positivity. 


6 Months of Training

Each Action Guide dives into the core of how to act upon a single habit through twenty, daily character workouts. Workouts include a short reading, dig deep questions, space for notes and ideas on how to practice that workout within the week. Every week is concluded with a Stop, Start and Continue exercise for further processing. 


Combined, these six guides provide you, your team and organization six-months of actionable daily, training—allowing your environment to become infused with the character and leadership which positively influences your world. 


Resources and Tools

For the next 4 weeks we want to invest in you. We have selected 20 entries from our 6 Action Guides, based on the 6 Habits of Character, to inspire and encourage you to be the leader you wish you had.


DAY 1 - Positivity in Tough Times

DAY 2 - Promoting Positivity in the Small Things

DAY 3 - Promoting Positivity in the Big Things

DAY 4 - The Positivity Choice

DAY 5 - Self or Serve

DAY 6 - Following to Lead

DAY 7 - The Selfless Cycle

DAY 8 - Active Listening

DAY 9 - Simple, Humble and Selfless Acts

DAY 10 - Owning It

DAY 11 - Taking Turns. Leading and Following

DAY 12 - Building Trust Through Transparency

DAY 13 - Truth can come from Critical People

DAY 14 - Humility and Confidence

DAY 15 - Leading without a Title

DAY 16 - Navigating When and to Speak Up

DAY 17 - The Sidelines Versus Stepping In

DAY 18 - The Courage to Go First

DAY 19 - Waiting for Others to Lead versus Taking the Lead

DAY 20 - What is and isn't Positivity

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