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3 Ways To Grow A Low Maintenance Team

If a tree stops growing, it starts dying!

A team is a living organism. Just like a tree, the team and the individual team members need to grow in order to stay healthy and thrive.

Too often, leadership is so focused on meeting the immediate deadlines or quotas of the business, personal growth becomes an afterthought. The only growth considered is financial or some other business metric. Leaders beware of this trap!

Daniel Pink points out in his book Drive (June Book Of The Month) that one of the ways a person is motivated is through the opportunity to obtain mastery. In other words, they are growing.

A team that is constantly focused on getting better together and individually becomes a Low Maintenance Team (LMT). People who are growing are more engaged, fulfilled and loyal to their organization.

3 Ways To Grow Into A LMT

· Grow Yourself

· Grow Leaders

· Grow Beyond Work