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4 Steps to Becoming A Leader Of Character

Becoming a leader of character is a process that never ends. It is a never ending road towards a destination you can never completely reach. But, leaders must take this road daily in order to grow and lead well.

I had the benefit of my father, General Jim Anderson, and four years of training at West Point to guide me towards being a leader of character. One of the reasons I began to blog, consult and coach on this subject is I realized how blessed I was compared to most aspiring leaders. I had guides!

I define character as: Our habitual way of operating.

But how does one develop character without the benefit of a leader of character for a dad or a 4 year leadership school? It starts by understanding how our character is formed.


· Begins with our thoughts.

· Our thoughts become our words.

· Our words lead to our actions.

· Our actions become habits.