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Character Workout Challenge 2019

I remember January like it was yesterday. The holiday season had just ended and I was going to be heading back into work as the manager of the team whose sales team was ranked worst in the nation.

Take a guess at what my new year’s resolution was?

I had never in my life pushed so many buttons and pulled so many levers trying to get my people to just work harder, try harder to get our numbers up—and nothing was working.

At about this point, I heard someone say, “in order to improve a team, you have to change the leader.” I began to wonder if this was the year I was going to get fired, but I remembered my dad used to tell me, hey bud, it’s your character that counts.”

Flash forward to January of 2019, what I did not know then was that following my dad’s advice to daily implement character and serve the needs of my team would take us to number one.

Becoming a Leader of Character is a life long journey and there is no better time than the new year to reset and evaluate our own character. I would like to invite you on the Character Workout Challenge. Over the next six weeks, we will focus on one specific habit of character based off my book Becoming a Leader of Character. This journey will take us through the habits, beginning with Courage and moving through, Humility, Integrity, Selflessness, Duty and Positivity.

To start your Character Workout Challenge click here.

And hey guys, remember your character is like a muscle, every time we exercise it, it grows.

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