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Confessions Of A Positive Person

Self-pity severely distorts our perception of reality.

I was wallowing in the pit of self-pity. That’s right. Mr. Positivity. The guy who wrote an entire 4-week Action Guide on the ins and outs of exercising Positivity was stuck in a negative attitude. Keep in mind, this wasn’t a long time ago. It was only this past January!

Over the previous several months, I have been dealing with moderate health issues. What started as a four-to-six week inconvenience, turned into something larger and more drawn out. As a result, I stopped my exercise regime and began to eat poorly.

I rationalized I could use my health issues as an excuse to do nothing positive for my health except take the medications my doctor prescribed. My weight climbed and my energy level dwindled. This year, my New Year’s resolution was once again to get back in shape. But, I spent the first three weeks of January in a half-hearted routine of barely attending my workout classes.

But something changed in the fourth week of January.

I went to my gym at a different time than normal. On this specific day, I observed two men, who had no use of their lower bodies, work out for ninety minutes without slowing down. I also witnessed a teenage girl, who had lost one arm and both legs, sweat through what looked like a grueling workout. All three of these individuals are part of the Adaptive program at my gym.

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