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Self Makes Us Cowards, Egoists, Hypocrites and Negative


Self makes us cowards, egoists, hypocrites, and negative.


Self is an epidemic that has infected our society. Self is dangerous in a lot of ways. Self is probably the root of most of the problems we face as individuals in the human race. Self is an insidious force that can take over our character if we allow it to happen.


Think of self as a lens that colors our view of the world around us. When we look at the world through the lens of self, our view is distorted. Self blurs the lines of life and shifts our character away from the person we are called to be.


Four Ways Self Attacks Our Character


1. Self makes us cowards.  When self is in control, we back away from difficulty. We avoid conversations that could hurt our career.  We stay quiet to make our lives easier.

2. Self makes us egoists. When self is in control, we ignore the needs of others. Our perspective becomes the only perspective. We can’t see another person’s point of view.

3. Self makes us hypocrites. When self is in control, we sacrifice our values and our Integrity becomes negotiable. We break promises when it becomes inconvenient to keep them.

4. Self makes us negative. When self is in control, we focus on what we don’t have and forget the blessings that are in front of us. We become entitled and think we deserve more. We are most negative when we are at our most selfish.


Self is truly a world view that damages our character. When we filter everything through the lens of self, we become less.  We become less brave, less humble, less honest, and less positive. While we become less like a Leader of Character, we become more like the culture around us. The world is already full of people who see the world in a distorted way. 


These are the same people who feel lost in this world.  They choose themselves first and then wonder why they are not the person they know they are called to be. These choices become contagious and the epidemic of self grows.


Choosing to put aside the lens of self will help you see the world from a different point of view. It will help you to make the choices that will build the habits of Courage, Humility, Integrity and Positivity. Seeing the world a new way will help you become the leader your world needs. You can be the person in your sphere of influence who chooses something different - Selflessness.



●      When have you seen self distort the view of others?

●      When has self distorted your view of things?

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