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The Selfless Cycle

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

Breaking the temptation to slip into a selfish cycle is crucial for us as we become Leaders of Character. The first key is to recognize the stages of selfishness and how easy it can be for them to color our outlook on life. Second, we take actionable steps towards replacing it with selfless actions.

We do this as we become:

  • Other-Focused. When we place the needs and desires of others before our own, we become other-focused. Those who consistently serve others always seem thankful for their circumstances and positive about their futures. Think about it, they are rarely in a bad mood!

  • Thankful. When we take time to choose thankfulness, we see how much we truly have been given and do not need the world to provide more. Focusing on the good already present helps us to see and react to the needs of others. We are free to walk through our day with a positive attitude.

  • Positive. The truth is there are numerous negative situations we will face each and every day. How we react to them matters. If we choose to see opportunities in the midst of those circumstances—before we focus on the problems—we take a critical step towards Positivity. Being positive creates a thankful spirit and a desire to have a meaningful impact on others. Positive people are interested in others and are willing to serve them.

Ask yourself this question: “Who do I want to follow?” Do you think of someone stuck in a selfish cycle or someone who lives in the Selfless Cycle? Choosing one of these behaviors allows us to begin exercising the Selflessness which attracts committed followers and leads us to become Leaders of Character.

Dig Deep Questions

  • Who could you focus on this week, to support their needs, desires and goals?

  • What actions can you take in order to tangibly support them?

  • What three things are you most thankful for?




  • Why did you choose these?

  • What are three situations, meetings or upcoming opportunities you have this week to exercise Selflessness?


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