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What Does Humility Look Like in Your 20’s?

Humility – You have to DO what you want to BE.

Can you be confident and humble at the same time? The answer is “Yes.” But for many people their desire to display confidence crosses the line to arrogance. Think about the people you’ve encountered in school or in your first job who misunderstood this balance.

They needed and even demanded the spotlight. They talked over the top of others. They wouldn’t listen to the ideas of others. They were sure they were right. They never admitted a fault. They wanted all of the credit if things went well but none of the blame if they didn’t.

Humility is like a muscle, you have to exercise it to make it strong. Without exercise, it will get weak and our pride will take over. When pride dominates our decisions, our confidence becomes arrogance. Like our muscles, Humility and the other Habits of Character don’t get stronger by talking about being humble, acting humble periodically, or only doing it when it is easy.

Exercising Humility or any of the other Habits of Character requires three things:

1. Action: We can’t just talk about being humble. We have to DO what we want to BE.

2. Consistency: Our Humility only gets stronger if we exercise consistently – just like a muscle.

3. Sweat: Making it “not about me” will make us uncomfortable. But if you are not sweating in t