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What Young Leaders Get To Do and What They Must Do

The things we get to do are most often the ones we prioritize. Whereas the things we must do are sometimes the harder tasks that we procrastinate doing.

Over the course of the last several years I have had the opportunity to lead multiple teams of very different geographies, people, and areas of focus – but all with one mission: to serve our customers, be successful in meeting our goals and being our best every day.

Being a young leader in today’s workplace does come with challenges as you lack years of experience compared to some of your peers. It is so vitally important to constantly have the mindset of being a sponge in every situation as you tackle the duties and responsibilities that come your way.

I was personally able to gain a strong foundational knowledge of leadership early on as a college intern working alongside Dave as he facilitated workshops for leaders in our community through his courses around competence and character. In his book - Becoming a Leader of Character - one of the core concepts he dives into is what the Duty of a leader is.

Upon reflecting on this concept, one thing I have learned in my short time as a people leader is there are things we get to do and things we must do as our Duty in leadership.

The things we get to do <