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When We Have Courage This Happens...

We start with Courage because, along with Humility, it is one of the foundational Habits of Character. We define Courage as:” Acting despite perceived or actual risk.” When we look back at all of our big regrets in life – the bad choices we wish we could take back – it often stems from a lack of Courage.

None of these tests are easy to face. Because each one of them creates discomfort in all of us, and outright fear in some of us. The antidote to fear is Courage. Courage is a habit not a talent. You develop Courage just like any other part of our character - one choice at a time.

Courage is vital because it ties into so many other parts of our character - Integrity, Selflessness and Duty all hinge on you having the Courage to take action.

After my worst to first experience with my team in Buffalo, I went to Texas. The new team had achieved multiple 1st place wins over the years. But, they hadn’t won anything in the last few years before I transitioned to lead their team. The team had some of the original members, but also new people. This team was “middle of the pack” in sales ranking. The night before I met my new team in Texas, I had a meeting with the three most senior people of the team. I did a “start stop continue” workshop with them. They shared what the issues on the team were, according to their perspective. I told them I didn’t have all the answers just because I held the title of “Leader of the new district.” I told them, “I need you to help me, because you are the true leaders. I am the new guy here.” I got their feedback. They told me what I would likely face.