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When We Have Duty This Happens...

Development Dimensions International has produced the Global Leadership Forecast every two years since 2009.  They ask 14,000 Leaders and HR Professionals in >500 companies about the state of leadership development within those companies.

A few interesting findings:

  • Only 50% of managers were ever held accountable for developing their people.

  • Only 18% felt like their organization had strong bench strength - in other words - only 18% of people felt ready to lead at the next level if they were asked.

Part of Duty means we are willing to put forth the effort to help everyone on the team reach their potential. It is our responsibility to provide opportunities, coaching and consistent feedback to help others grow. 

Two of the top factors which impact employee engagement include interaction with their direct supervisor and opportunities to learn or grow.

Both of those factors can be evaluated by asking ourselves a simple question: “Am I actively engaged in helping the individuals on my team reach their potential?”

Let’s be real for a second. Not every individual is interested in their own growth. While that is sad, it is also a reality. But, it is still my Duty, as a Leader of Character, to do everything in my power to help them grow and get better. At the same time, it is our Duty to coach everyone. This includes the people we may not like very much. It is our Duty to engage with them with the same frequency, effort and attitude as we do the people we enjoy being with.

This isn’t always fun. We may not feel like doing it.  But, when we became leaders we gave up the right to only do what we feel like doing.  Actually, when we became adults we gave up the right to do what we feel like doing.

When someone doesn’t care about their own growth—or they are hard to like—it is still our Duty to put forth the effort to coach them and offer a plan. It is my moral obligation to share this perspective even if they don’t want to hear it at the time.

Dig Deep Questions

  • Within your sphere of influence, who could benefit from individualized mentoring/coaching?

  • Are there individuals who would benefit from being coached even if they are not initially motivated to grow?


Considering the definition of Duty within our teams is just the beginning of the training we have crafted for you and your team. We would love to come alongside you and help to sharpen your team in a platform which best meets the needs of your organization. Click here for more details.

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