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Which is more important - a leader's words or actions?

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

Your Actions Create Followers

Have you ever met someone whose words and actions do not match? These individuals may be good speakers or “wow” crowds, but who cares? They don’t have committed followers. Why? Because their words and their actions are not aligned. We discover their character is not reliable. Trust diminishes. True influence fades after disappointments surrounding them begin to surface.

Conversely, when someone displays a consistent merger between their words and actions, trust is formed. Disappointment is staved off. There is no longer a threat stemming from a leader’s inconsistency.

Leaders of Character understand this core principle and selflessly work for the good of others. They believe it is their moral obligation to put the needs of others before their own needs, desires or convenience.

Even the actions of an introverted Leader of Character will lead a team to excellence. Their model will far surpass the eloquent words of a hypocritical extrovert.

Our actions create followers more than our words do. A Leader of Character understands the old saying: “More is caught than taught.”

There are no days off from leading. We influence people around us even when we are not trying to. Setting a good example is a critical moral obligation for a Leader of Character.