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Why Promoting Growth Matters – The Duty of Coaching

Part of Duty means a willingness to help individuals on the team reach their potential.  It is our responsibility to provide opportunities for others growth along with accountability for the challenges put forth. Two of the top factors which impact employee engagement include interaction with their direct supervisor and opportunities to learn or grow.

Both of those factors can be evaluated by asking yourself a simple question: Am I actively engaged in helping the individuals on my team reach their potential?

Not every individual is interested in their own growth. While that is sad, it is also a reality.  However, it is still your Duty, as a Leader of Character, to do everything in your power to help them grow and get better.

Is it always fun? No. When someone doesn’t care about their own growth, it is still our Dutyto put forth the effort to coach them and offer a plan. Sometimes individuals need to understand the long-term benefits of short-term discomfort. As leaders, it is our moral obligation to share this perspective. 

If a lack of motivation ever reaches a point in which it starts to damage the team, it is your Duty, as a leader, to find a new person to fill their seat. Your moral obligation to everyone else on the team is to remove the negative influence of an unmotivated person. 

Just remember, every person on your team deserves to get the same commitment from their leader. Your willingness to help the people on the team grow is as much a window into your character as your willingness to part ways with the ones who don’t want to grow.  In both cases, you are exercising your Duty and making the team better.

Dig Deep Questions

  • Within your sphere of influence, who could benefit from individualized mentoring/coaching?

  • Are there individuals who would benefit from being coached even if they are not initially motivated to grow?

  • Why is coaching and development a moral obligation for you?

  • What is the impact on the team when an unmotivated person is allowed to stay as they are?

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