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You’ve Been Given Bad Advice - Leading in Your Twenties Series

Twenty somethings, you've been given bad advice. "Get a marketable degree and good grades from a big university. Get advanced degrees and have a lot of letters following your name. Get certified in something and publish papers." When you are in your twenties, people tell you these things.

That bad advice is well intentioned. But you have to understand, none of that stuff makes you a leader.

Editor’s note: This is the fourth in a series of 12 blogs written directly to the Twenty-Somethings. This is about you and your future. As you read these blogs, please share them with other people who want ideas on how to lead now and how to develop the Twenty-Something Leaders of our future.

Think about it. We all had professors in college that asked to be called "Doctor Anderson " because they earned a PhD. There were some professors who had multiple combinations of letters following their names - Dave Anderson, BS, CME, MBA, PhD. But with all those degrees and impressive credentials, we would not have followed some of them out of a burning paper bag! Why?

People don't follow you because of what you can do.

They follow you because of WHO YOU ARE.