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A Multi-Generational Perspective - Feeling Selfish In A Crisis

I am aware that others are facing larger challenges than I am during this COVID-19 pandemic.  This makes me ask myself, “Why am I so upset about my own situation?” We often take a self-centered approach to life.  We may even feel a sense of guilt when we get wrapped up in our own trials. Yet, we struggle with dwelling on them. But is this healthy or not? When it comes to the idea of crisis comparison—it is healthy to explore the deeper root of what we are thinking and feeling.

During the pandemic and in an era of social distancing, isolation can flood our minds with a negative perspective.  We know it isn’t healthy, but self-focused thoughts cycle. This is not a generational issue.  It is a human issue. Yet, as I discuss these topics with my son Jake, who is 23—we have learned a lot from each other.

Gen Z and Millennials have a reputation for being socially-oriented. They desire change in order to create a better future for everyone.  Studies show older generations tend to see things from a more personal perspective. They see the world as it relates immediately to them and their loved ones. Personal goals, career goals and success are big drivers for Gen X and Boomers. 

Neither perspective is wrong.  Neither group has an exclusive insight on the right approach during these times.  But, both groups have an opportunity to exercise Selflessness.

Why is Selflessness so important in today’s world?  Let’s start with Jake’s insight and hear his point of view.

Jake’s Perspective: