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Attitudes are Contagious. Is Yours Worth Catching?

Positivity Inspires Followers.

One way we lead is through our attitudes. Whatever attitude we display will attract people of similar attitudes.  

Conversely, we will repel people who carry an opposite attitude. While misery loves company, so does joy. Joyful people attract joyful people. If we see opportunity versus focus on a challenge; if we see potential in others instead of failure; and if we look for the reason why an idea will succeed versus why it won’t, we will attract people with a common attitude.

As we consistently exercise a positive attitude, our influence on those around us will grow.  We all enjoy spending time with people who have a good attitude. They make us want to be like them.

We must ask ourselves the old question:

Attitudes are contagious. Is mine worth catching?

When you exercise Positivity, people see what type of leader you are and the leader you will become. 

Your attitude is on display in your words, actions and even your body language. Whatever attitude you choose today is going to impact the person you are tomorrow. 

Dig Deep Questions

  • What type of person do you want to attract?

  • What do your words, actions and body language display?

  • How do our attitudes impact the person we are becoming?

  • What small changes would help you attract more Positivity? 

Making a shift towards taking responsibility and living with Positivity is a lifelong journey and we want to partner with you through it. The Habits of Character Action Guides provide 6 months of daily, interactive training. 

Every month, you and your team focus on one specific habit of character based off of Dave Anderson's Becoming a Leader of Character book. These habits include: Courage, Humility, Integrity, Selflessness, Duty and Positivity. 

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