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Bullies at Work - Bold Resistance is Needed

Bold resistance shuts down bullying better than a carefully worded policy in the workplace.


Our society has put a lot of needed emphasis on bullying in schools recently. But the truth is, bullying is everywhere. Yes, it happens on the playgrounds. But bullies are bosses who scream and threaten. Bullies are coworkers who gossip and snicker. Bullies are spouses or parents who belittle and abuse. Bullies are usually just insecure cowards. Insecure cowards will back down when someone with Courage and confidence steps up and speaks up.


It will take Courage, because that bully has been allowed by others to behave poorly in the past. You may be the first person who takes a stand. If that person is in a place of authority, that person could make your life difficult as a result of your Courage.  But if not you then who? The bully will keep screaming, gossiping, or abusing.


I am not a professional counselor, but wherever bullying happens, it will take Courage for you to stand up and report that situation. Without someone of Courage, the bully will not change.


It is the same in the workplace.  When there is a bullying boss who resorts to screaming and foul language to get what they want - bold resistance is needed.  When there is a co-worker who talks about people behind their backs - bold resistance is needed.


Bullying Bosses


People tell me they put up with bullying bosses because they are afraid they will lose their job. But why would anyone want to stay in that situation? You are not trapped. Take action. Say something privately to your boss first and give them an opportunity to change. If that does not work, then go up to the next level or to your HR professionals for help. If that doesn’t work, then you have done your Duty. It is time to leave and find another place to work.


Bullying Coworkers


When the bullies are the coworkers, people claim they do not want to seem to act like a stick in the mud, a prude, and then be pushed out of the group.  Why would you want work with those people? The odds are they are saying the same thing about you when you are not around. The gossips are cowards and insecure just like the screaming bosses.  Someone speaking up during a meal and cutting off the trash talking is powerful. The bullies may call you names, but there will be others who respect your Courage to make a stand. They will be the people who join you for lunch in the future. And I guarantee it will be a more enjoyable meal!


When we see bullying we have a Duty - a moral obligation -  to take action. Bold resistance shuts down bullying better than a carefully worded policy in the workplace.  In fact, if more people stood up to the bullies, the policy statements may never have been needed.


When there are people who exercise the Courage to say, “No more!” the bullies will be exposed as insecure cowards - just like the bullies on the playground - and fade into the backgrounds of our lives.



●      What would it feel like if you no longer had to deal with the bullies you face?

●      Who will be the person with the Courage to face that bully and take action?


Here is a quick assessment that will take you 5 minutes to figure it out. Nobody will ever see your results but you.


Warning: If you are not going to be honest with yourself this is a worthless assessment.

To take the assessment use the QR code above or go to

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