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Courage is the Key to Character

Without Courage, any talk of character is just theoretical. You need Courage to put those words into action.

Name one good thing you have ever accomplished that did not require some moments of Courage. If we look at that single moment, it makes sense that Courage could be the key factor in us becoming what we are capable of becoming.

Somewhere deep inside of us, we all know the person we are called to be, who we could be, or who the people we care about need us to be. The question is, do we have the Courage to follow that path even when that path gets hard?

Courage takes us from theory to practice. In theory, we all know what we “should” do and what choices we “should” make. The problem occurs when we realize the Courage we must exercise in order to take those thoughts and put them into action.

You need Courage to:

● Be someone people can count on.

● Put others before yourself.

● Do the right thing when the right thing is difficult to do.

● Be someone people trust.

● Not take yourself too seriously.

● Serve others.

● Persevere in the face of adversity.

● Engage in difficult conversations.

● Hear feedback that will make you better.

● Maintain hope while working for an inconsiderate boss or organization.

● Keep trying when you feel like quitting.

● Try something new even when you are unsure of your abilities.

● Step forward while others stay put.

● Lead change while others manage the status quo.

● Act alone and do what others are not doing.

● Encourage and give hope to others while some doubt and despair.

Courage can be developed. Courage is possibly the most important of all the Habits of Character for us to develop. You need Courage to exercise Humility, Integrity, Selflessness, Duty and Positivity.

To exercise these other habits of character, you need the Courage to take action, despite perceived or actual risks. If we want to accomplish anything of value in our future, we must practice exercising Courage whenever we feel anxious, uncomfortable, or fearful. Each time we choose to act despite those feelings, we are a step closer to becoming that person we are called to be.

Without Courage, any talk of character is just theoretical. You need Courage to put those words into action. The good news for everyone is that we get good at the things we practice the most frequently. And we are faced with opportunities, everyday, to take action in the face of discomfort, anxiety, and fear. The more we turn and face those moments and take action in spite of how we are feeling, our Courage will get stronger. Like a muscle, the more we exercise Courage in the day to day challenges the more prepared we become for the bigger challenges we are going to face in the future.

Courage is the key to you achieving your best future and your best you.

Dig Deep Questions:

● What was your most memorable moment of exercising Courage?

● How could you apply that to what you might be facing now?


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