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Five Things Humble Executives Do Well

Humble Executive should not be a misnomer.

The highest ranked people in an organization achieved those lofty heights because at each point in their career, they proved their excellence. They built something. They accomplished something. They left a mark where they were and they were promoted for their impact. Unfortunately, all that success can cause some leaders to cross a line from confidence to arrogance. Executive leadership does not need to be arrogant leadership.

In our book, Becoming a Leader of Character, we highlighted Bob Funk, CEO of Express Employment Professionals. He has led Express from a small business based in Oklahoma City into a multi-billion dollar company with over 700 franchise locations across multiple countries. Is he a confident man? Yes. Is he an arrogant executive leader? No. He is a humble executive and his Humility inspires everyone who meets him.

Bob is just one executive that proves that a Humble Executive does not need to be a misnomer. It is amazing when you meet someone who is so accomplished yet they are more humble than many of the average performers out there.

5 Things Humble Executives Do Well

  1. Ask for Feedback

The Humble Executive is not uncomfortable with getting feedback. In fact, they thrive on it. They encourage honest feedback and reward it because they know how rarely someone in their position actually hears the truth. They see feedback as an opportunity to get better, not to defend themselves.