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Four Integrity Tests Middle Managers Face

Middle managers have more impact on the culture than the executives do.

Integrity tests are part of leadership. How a middle manager navigates those tests can send ripple effects throughout the rest of their career and the careers of the people they are called to lead. But as leaders, we often minimize the impact of our choices to what is going on right now - the challenges of today.

Instead, we need to look down the road and think about how those choices impact who we are becoming and our legacy on the lives of others.

Four Integrity Tests Middle Managers Face

  1. Keeping Commitments

Do we arrive on time for our own meetings? Do we call people back when we say we will? Do we ask headquarters the questions we promise to ask? Do we get our reports in on time?

These are all Integrity tests. My dad, The General, used to say “Your word should be gold.” That means your word is valuable. Don’t cheapen it by failing to keep commitments.