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This One Question Could Help You Earn Trust at Work

Updated: Dec 13, 2018

Ask yourself - Would I be satisfied with the outcome if I were on the receiving end of this action?

The benefit of continuously asking ourselves this question is limitless. When we utilize the practice of empathy and role reversal, it allows us to gain insight into the helpful or harmful consequences of our actions. 

We all have had instances in which we have wondered why someone did not consider how their actions made us feel. 

We wonder: 

  • How could they do this to me? 

  • Didn’t they realize what the outcome would be for me and those around me?

  • Didn’t they think through the ramifications? I would never have done this to someone else. 

In all of these thoughts, the core sentiment comes down to someone not filtering their words or actions through this question. When we ask, “Would I be satisfied with the outcome if I were on the receiving end of this action?” we exercise the habit of Humility. Why? Because we believe and act like “It’s not about me.” We also safeguard ourselves from others questioning our motives. More importantly, we safeguard our Integrity.

When our families, teams and communities believe we actually think about how our choices could impact them, we gain their trust.

Dig Deep Questions

  • Reflect on a time in which you were burned because someone did not take the time to work through this question. What did they miss by not living by it?

  • What do you wish they had considered instead. Why do you think they proceeded without consideration? 

  • How can you use this question in order to choose right actions? 

  • How can you utilize this processing question with the team? 

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