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Leading in Your Twenties – Choose a “Can do” Attitude

Whether you think you can or you think you can’t – you are right.

Why does Hollywood make movies about Navy Seals and also about Venus and Serena Williams? The subjects are so different. The plots seem so disparate. But people pay money to watch those movies. Hollywood makes those movies because they inspire us. They remind us of just another story about individuals or groups who overcome obstacles and achieve great things.

A common thread in all those stories is the “can do” attitude of the main characters. In many ways, these are men and women who faced incredible obstacles and then achieved incredible things. When things were stacked against them, they didn’t:

  • Look for reasons something won’t work.

  • Give half-hearted effort.

  • Give up after one or two tries.

  • Blame others for their own short falls.

They made choices that helped them overcome the obstacles that a difficult training program, a determined military enemy, or even society placed in their way. They said “can do” over and over in the midst of those challenges and got things done. They persevered.

The ability to persevere hinges on your attitude. Whether you persevere is often determined by the attitude you choose right from the beginning. Whether you think you can or you think you can’t – you are right!

The Navy Seals regularly overcome obstacles because they believe they can. The Williams sisters won more Grand Slam titles in tennis than any siblings in history because they believed they could. Of course, they have incredible physical gifts that most of us do not have. But what about others who also overcome difficulties? Think about:

  • A child who fights through chemotherapy and later becomes a physician.

  • A mother of a disabled child who later watches her son graduate from college.

  • A man who grew up in an abusive home, who is now a great husband and father.

A “can do” attitude can be found in people all around us if we pay attention. Their examples can inspire us just as well as the examples that are glorified in the movies. They can also inspire us to adopt that same attitude and inspire the people around us.

Each time we choose a “can do” attitude, it will make it easier to face the next obstacle in life with that same attitude. When you decide to make those choices, you will be another step closer to becoming the Leader of Character that is inside of you. Do you think that is possible?

Whether you think you can or you think you can – you are right.


  • How can a “can do” attitude help you persevere in your current circumstances?

  • How has someone else’s “can do” attitude inspired you?


Here is a quick assessment that will take you 5 minutes to figure it out. Nobody will ever see your results but you.

Warning: If you are not going to be honest with yourself this is a worthless assessment.

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