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The Courage to Speak Up - 3 Reasons Why You Should

Updated: Dec 13, 2018

Fear convinces us getting involved would be time-consuming or potentially create problems with other commitments. Fear may even continue to say we really don’t have any skill or resources which would be helpful.

But, what if the Courage to insert yourself in a positive way could help you grow as a leader? What if Courage is what could help them to know how to positively resolve a situation? What if Courage is the key to help your organization thrive?

Character reminds us what is at stake. As leaders, we want to be people who offer selfless assistance, allow for others to succeed and do our best to help them get there.

That is leading.

It’s easy to let fear lie to us and tell us why staying silent is best. But let’s take the time to look at the benefits of speaking up.

  1. Things Could Change - When you speak up, you give change a chance. Change will not happen unless someone has the Courage to say change is needed. Your manager or supervisor may actually need your insight to implement it. But you must share your thoughts in order to give everyone that benefit.

  2. Your Integrity Is Intact - Whether or not you cause change to happen, by speaking up, you will sleep better. Your Integrity is 100% in your control. Only you can choose to sacrifice it. Even the times I spoke up and was shot down, I knew I did my Duty to change the outcome. This always gave me peace no matter the outcome.

  3. You Empower Others - By speaking, you empower others. Courage attracts Courage. Your comments may not have immediate impact on the current situation. But they may allow for an environment when others feel the freedom to share as you did. Your example may be the most valuable thing you can offer your team.

Dig Deep Questions

  • Is there a situation, this week, in which you can get involved to help someone?

  • Identify a time when you had an opportunity to speak up and you did.

  • What were the known benefits of that situation?

  • What were the possible unknown benefits of that situation? Did you have peace because you acted?

  • What current situation makes you want to stay silent?

  • Reflect on previous wins. Consider—if you begin to speak up, what are the positive changes which can occur in your life?

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