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Three Actions a Leader Takes to Reset Morale

It takes Humility and Courage from the leader to change the morale of a team.

Have you ever seen a leader of a low morale team try to pump up the team to win with a new strategy? It feels fake. It feels like that leader is out of touch. It feels like the leader is in one world and the team is in another. The best that can be expected from that team and that leader is mediocrity.

That leader and that team needs a reset. There is something that needs to be removed before that team can thrive. Like a pimple, the bad stuff needs to be purged before healing can begin. Without purging the unhealthy stuff, that team will never perform to its potential. A leader is going to need Courage and Humility to start rebuilding morale and creating an environment where Positivity thrives.


When a pimple pops, it doesn’t feel good. But it is necessary for healing to begin. When a leader allows people to say what they want to say, that leader is going to feel uncomfortable. You will likely hear things about your decisions, personality, and leadership that will sting. But, you can't react negatively. You need to listen and thank people for their honesty. You need to let them see you are humble enough to hear hard things and that you have the Courage to make some changes based on what they say.


If you want buy-in, you need to involve more people in the decision making process. When someone feels like their perspective was heard and maybe even adopted, they are invested in making sure that decision is ultimately successful. When people are just told what to do, their buy-in is often superficial. Give people the power to make decisions on their own. Show that you trust them by giving away some decision making authority. Let them develop the strategy and then involve them in the ultimate decision.


Nobody ever goes home at night and says, “Honey, I just get way too much encouragement at work!” In fact, it is almost always the opposite. The only time most people hear from their leaders is when something has gone wrong. Encourage more and correct less. The word encourage means “to give Courage.” Conversely, discourage means “to take away Courage.” What are your people receiving from you? And which will build a more committed team? Praise is the final step. It is like the salve that finishes off the healing process.

Teams that don’t buy in are never going to be better than mediocre. There is a difference between a committed team and a compliant group. The former does things because they want to do them. The latter does things because they have to do them.

The leader is equally responsible for the success of the strategy and for the morale of the team implementing that strategy. Listen, Delegate, and Praise. Change begins with what the leader has the Courage and the Humility to do.

Dig Deep Question:

● When have you seen team morale turn around?

● What did the leader of that team do?


Here is a quick assessment that will take you 5 minutes to figure it out. Nobody will ever see your results but you.

Warning: If you are not going to be honest with yourself this is a worthless assessment.

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