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When We Have Selflessness This Happens...

Being a Servant Leader is now a buzzword. People hear it and roll their eyes. We have been told the good guy finishes last.  But what leader do you want to follow, the selfish one or the selfless one? A servant leader is not a pushover who just does whatever makes people happy. The servant leader does what is best for his or her people.  They are servants because they put the needs of others before their own needs. They exercise Selflessness.

We see that selfless Leaders:

  • Seek to serve rather than be served.

  • Add value to others by coaching and developing them.

  • Listen longer and focus harder on others.

  • Expect nothing in return.

Being a selfless leader doesn’t mean you are weak and only do what others want you to do for them. Sometimes being selfless means I am going to have a tough conversation with a person or make a tough decision even if it makes me uncomfortable or they may not like it.

I have that conversation because I am doing it for their benefit—to make them better.  If I don’t have that conversation when I know it could make that person better, then I am being selfish and thinking of my own comfort.