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Why do some people face their fears, while others don’t?

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

Facing Your Fears - Why do some people face their fears, while others don’t? Some people believe Courage is an inborn or innate trait. When it comes to overcoming fear, perhaps some people “just do it” and others don’t.

The truth is—there is more to it than that. The people who move forward and overcome their fears are courageous. But it isn’t inborn, it is due to practice.

Aristotle stated, “You become just by doing just acts and you become brave by doing brave acts.”

But what happens when someone passes up the opportunity to exercise Courage? For those who consistently avoid facing fear and do not embrace Courage—no change will ever happen. In such a scenario, an individual’s leadership and influence is on the line. Not only will they be the same in five years—their career will be too.

In the end, is it worth it? We recognize no one sets out to be mediocre. Yet, it is easy to rest in our comfort zone and avoid change.

Staying comfortable means you probably aren’t growing. After all:

“If you keep doing what you have always done, you will keep getting what you already got.”

What if there was more on the other side of a purposeful decision? We are all better people when we accept new challenges and live outside of our comfort zone.

Dig Deep Questions

  • Has fear ever held you back in a specific situation, time or decision in your life?

  • What fear holds you back right now?

  • If you could tackle one fear this week—what would it be?

  • Discuss a time you remained inside a comfort zone and were then dissatisfied.

  • Do you have goals which push you out of your comfort zone? Why or why not? What obstacle or belief is in the way?


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