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You’re in Your Twenties, Working, Married, & A Parent - What Comes First?

Your work will always be there, but those around you won’t always be.

When I (Dave) asked for a person in their twenties to share a lesson about exercising Selflessness as a young professional, I honestly didn’t expect a lesson about living our lives well at home. But in just a few sentences, Skyler Hefley shares just that.

As young professionals, we take on large workloads to impress leadership and expedite our career growth. I did, but I quickly realized my passion for work was both a gift and a curse. Creating boundaries for a healthy work-life balance has allowed me more opportunities and time to be selfless, which has benefited my wife, daughter, and my mental health. It's not easy to do. We always want to do and accomplish more, but know your career will always be there, but those around you won't always be. Be selfless.

Skyler makes a great point. The world always pushes us towards MORE.



Spend MORE.

But the only place that MORE will truly give us any lasting satisfaction is MORE time with those we love. When I was starting out in my corporate career, I wish I had understood this principle. I was always chasing more of the wrong things!

Joy - ours or the people we love - does not come from doing, getting, or spending MORE. I understand - finally - that joy comes from giving up MORE of those things in order to have MORE time with my family.

To exercise Selflessness means we must sacrifice something. Often times, it means we must sacrifice something that could provide short term benefits to ourselves for the longer term benefit of others.

Selflessness defined:

Putting the needs of others before your own needs, desires, or convenience.

Skyler has figured it out. If you are in your twenties and these competing priorities are weighing on your shoulders, know that your time is most valuable to the people you care about the most. Putting their needs first, will give you MORE and give them MORE than anything else in your life.

P.S. Those of us who are more “chronologically superior” should pay attention to Skyler as well!

Skyler Hefley, is a Social Media Branding specialist for the Tyler Independent School District and also runs his own company - Namestruck Creative. He is a devoted husband and a proud father. Check him out at


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