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Training Location - 1200 Pearland Parkway Bldg 102 (Health Sciences Building), Pearland Texas 77584  |  Training Time: 8am-5pm | Training Date: August 27-29, 2024  | Onsite Contact: Shane Bridges Email:; c: 832-661-1457


Now is the time to invest in your firefighters and officers. When critical decisions which are made in the blink of an eye can determine the outcome of lives, it is vital to take training to the core. At Firefighters of Character, our team believes the decisions we make at critical moments are often a test of character. The solution is to go down to that core with character training.


3 Day Workshop: Firefighters of Character, 8am-5pm

  • August 27th: Day #1, How To Become A Firefighter Of Character
  • August 28th: Day #2, Communicating with Character
  • August 29th: Day #3, How to Lead a Team of Character


3-Day Workshop Participant fee includes: $749

  • (1) Copy of Becoming a Leader of Character ($21.95 value)
  • (1) Firefighter of Character Workshop Workbook ($119.95 value)
  • (1) Firefighters of Character Companion Guide, 6-month training companion, for each participant ($119.95 value)
  • (1) Character Assessment
  • (1) DISC Assessment for Day 2 Workshop

3-Day Firefighters of Character Workshop with Pearland FD August 2024

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