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Becoming a Leader of Character is a six-month training and development plan to inspire and equip professionals to become Leaders of Character who lead teams and organizations of character.


“Would you follow you?”  


If you have been in our Leader of Character training seminars (live, virtual, or led by other facilitators), you’ve probably heard that question before.  It’s a simple question designed to lead to self-reflection and meant to make us uncomfortable.  Because if we answer honestly, we realize we all have room to grow. 


Training is an event; development is a process. That’s why few leadership training events result in lasting change.  Development - what happens after the training event - is the key to long-term impact.  We need to marinate our brains in the information so that it sinks in.  That’s  why we created the Character Workouts contained in this book. We want to impact your Habits of Character for the long term.


Each of these Habits of Character is like a muscle; you need to exercise them consistently so that they will grow stronger.  And the stronger they become, the more prepared you will be for the challenges of life – both on the job and at home with your loved ones.


At Becoming a Leader of Character, our Why states:  


We inspire and equip people so that they become Leaders of Character who inspire and equip others to lead with character.


These Character Workouts are meant to fulfill that Why. We want to continue to inspire you to become a Leader of Character by giving you the tools to develop the Habits of Character: Courage, Humility, Integrity, Selflessness, Duty and Positivity. These Workouts are also meant to equip you to equip others to lead with character. 


When you exercise, you repeat muscle-building actions that push you enough to break a sweat. That’s how you get in shape. This book will do the same for your Character. So get ready to take action, break a sweat, and watch your life and the lives of those around you be transformed.

Where is your character today?  Access our  Character Assessment at

Leader of Character Companion Guide - 6 Months of Training and Development

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