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Leaders of Character Don’t Complain – They Do Something

Sitting back, observing and complaining is not doing something.

Viruses, racial injustice, hurricanes, fires – oh my! And that’s just here in the United States. The problems worldwide are even more daunting. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by everything going on in our society. I just want to crawl into my safe space – wherever that is – and ignore everything. Unfortunately, I’ll complain about what I see like I’m watching a high school football game that my kids aren’t playing in – as a casual observer.

“But the safe thing to do is to hunker down and to protect my loved ones from the insanity I see in our world.” That is what my first instincts tell me to do at least. But sometimes we need to go with our second instinct.

If we want to be Leaders of Character, we have to do something. What is that something? It may be different for each individual. But sitting back, observing and complaining is not doing something. We define Duty as taking action based on our assigned tasks and moral obligations.

Our Duty as Leaders of Character, is to take action based on our moral obligations. There are very few people in history who alone had the power to change their society based on their individual actions. But the world needs Leaders of Character who will start doing something positive within their own spheres of influence. Each of us has the opportunity and the power to make a difference somewhere.

I admire the younger generations who have been peacefully protesting for racial justice in our country. They have seen that something needs to change and they have stepped forward to do something. They have seen it as their moral obligation to contribute their time and their voice to make change happen. What about the rest of us?