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Negativity Gets Attention - But Positivity Makes Change Happen

Negativity Gets Attention – But Positivity Makes Change Happen

Quote: Our society doesn’t need more problem finders. We need problem solvers.

Negativity gets attention. Negativity gets views. Negativity gets advertising dollars. Our society has set up a lot of external incentives that encourage more and more negativity. Then we wonder why we have higher rates of depression, addiction and suicide. Each of us has a role to play in changing this trend. The forces that are stacked against maintaining a positive attitude seem overwhelming.

At Becoming a Leader of Character, we inspire and equip people so that they become Leaders of Character who inspire and equip others to lead with character.

In all of the craziness of the last 12 months each of us has opportunities to change our society by changing what is happening in our own homes, at our workplaces, and with the people we touch every day. How can each of us inspire and equip others to become Leaders of Character and exercise the Positivity it will take to defeat the forces that incentivize negativity?

It starts with our choices in front of others. What attitude are we choosing in the circumstances we face? Do we join in with the negativity and the complaining or do we lead by example? Attitudes are contagious – both good attitudes and bad attitudes. We need to make the conscious choice to spread the Positivity our society needs.

While griping and pointing out everything that is not right may get us a lot of thumb’s ups and likes, we haven’t accomp