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What Would You Rather Follow – Talent Or Attitude?

There are plenty of talented players in high school who never get beyond their high school gyms. Why? It comes down to their attitude.

Sometimes the most talented person on the team is not the best person to be the captain. I realize this begins in middle school sports and can carry over into high school and beyond. Many coaches see the talent of a young player and automatically assume the team will follow them because of their talent.

Unfortunately, if talent is not paired with character, a captain with a bad attitude creates a team with low morale. Many highly talented teams fall short of their goals for one reason—the attitude of their leaders. Talent does not make a leader. Character does.

Our special operations units within the US Military deselect plenty of talented candidates when it comes to deciding who will be on their teams. While physical ability to be part of the Army’s Delta Force, the Navy’s Seal Teams or the Marine’s Force Recon Teams, is important—this ability is only the price of admission to get into the training program. Then the real tests begin. Incredibly talented individuals must pass rigorous screening in order to join elite teams. Do you want to know what matters most? Character. To top it off, no area is tested more than their attitudes.

We define Positivity as, “displaying a positive or 'can do' attitude in all circumstances.”

By the time initial training is completed, the wheat has been separated from the chafe. The candidates with talent and character are all that remains. Elite military units demand both talent and Positivity from their team members.