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Our Society Needs More Courageous Leaders

If we start sowing Courage into the other people instead of perpetuating the fear that is dominating our society, we can change things.

It only takes one. One person exercising Courage can inspire others to do the same. Conversely, fear grips our society because the fear of one person is passed on to another.

During a time when everyone is talking about contagious diseases, we need to realize that fear is probably more contagious than most diseases.

Some groups make a living out of spreading fear amongst us. Sometimes it is politicians, sometimes it is special interest groups and sometimes it is our friends who continuously push us to be fearful.

  • Be fearful if the other party gets in control.

  • Be fearful of people who are different from us.

  • Be fearful of the direction our world is heading.

They want us to believe that it is wise to be scared. When we buy into that line of thinking, it is a lot like purposely spending time with a COVID patient and then deliberately breathing on everyone else you see that day. We know that is not wise when we are dealing with a highly communicable disease. So, let’s avoid that with fear as well.

Some people have agendas. Some people just can’t control their anxiety about the world they live in. But, we do not have to fall into the same traps that fear set for them. We have a different choice we can make.